PCDJ Song Book Maker

PCDJ Song Book Maker 3.6

It's an application designed to automate the creation of song books
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PCDJ Song Book Maker is a feature rich application designed to automate the creation of song books and to help you manage your music files. PCDJ Song Book Maker is designed primarily to create song books for karaoke but is in no way limited to this. Anyone who needs a complete book of music for any purpose can benefit from this software from KJs to DJs to anyone who wishes to keep their music organized.
Main Features :
- The software can now import any file time rather than being limited to only 6 before. Now midi karaoke, video karaoke, etc files can be imported and synchronized!
- Song grids have been updated to show “hidden” songs in gray. This hide/show songs in your songbook feature is now much more intuitive.
- All grid layouts will now be “remembered” between program runs! Now you can configure the song and other grids to show the data just how you wish and this will be saved! (Note: this will reset when upgrading to a new version)
- Updated the song book viewer to use the latest version of the underlying component that allows for viewing your actual rendered song book. The main advantage of this is now an export to Microsoft Word is possible in addition to Excel and PDF.
- Statistics function updated to improve your ability to troubleshoot file links. The feature will now tell you the number of songs that are not linked to a file on your hard drive, and give you access to a list of those songs.
- The list of files to import on the Individual Song Files import window now shows the icon specific to each file being imported, rather than a generic icon. This should make this feature more intuitive.
- Import from Individual Song Files now “remembers” the last folder used if the feature is accessed from outside the context of a disc that is linked to a folder on your hard drive. (If accessing the feature when viewing a disc linked to a folder, that folder will still be used by default).

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